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Experimentation of tastes

“Tavolo dello Chef” is not simply the special table of the restaurant because you see the chefs at work from it, but it’s an exclusive space managed directly by the Chef. Matteo Baronetto interprets the tastes and culture of his guests, uses his creativity, a combination of reasoned contrasts to question his thoughts and bring guests into his world. That’s why there is no menu for “Tavolo dello Chef”. The tasting itinerary, which varies from 10 to 12 courses, is traced through a dialogue between Matteo Baronetto and the guest, before and during the evening. This discussion will allow the Chef to understand “where to go”. “Tavolo dello Chef” is an emotional experience, an experimentation of tastes, textures, ingredients, and combinations. An intimate theatre for up to four spectators, where the personalities and desires of the guests go on stage along with the concept, technique, and fantasy of Matteo Baronetto.